Culture As A Way Of Learning Things Essays

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Culture is a way of learning things essentially thus, all human beings have culture. Thus, everyone’s “born into culture but not born with culture”. Culture is our identity of ethnicity, gender, education and race etc. Culture, in our everyday of life, outlines the style of life and the values, beliefs and attitudes. In addition, culture can be described as art religion, eating habits, rituals, humour, science, law, spirits ceremonies and etc. However, it is essential to comprehend the differences between cultures because people convey their culture in a different manner according to their situation. However, Australians from different backgrounds, they all have culture. It is wrong to speak of that Australia has on culture as for all societies. The Aboriginals are the original inhabitants of Australia. As well as Torres strait islanders ‘Indigenous’, who have been living in Australia for at least forty-five thousand years. Thus, there is remarkable difference in all cultures. The originality of a person is affected by many features such as their ethnic and linguistic background. As a result, of Australians multiple population, ethnicities and languages being illustrated which shows Australia’s culture as varied and powerful. It indicates that we are living into multicultural societies by looking around into any communities in United States or mostly any countries. Some countries argue that everyone’s “multi-cultural beings living in a world of cultural…

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