Culture And Time Period Within Three ( 3 ) Or More Well Considered Paragraphs

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A1. Identify and briefly describe the art object relationship to its culture and time period within three (3) or more well considered paragraphs.
Introduction and Ideology:
The 19th century was an era in American history notoriously known for being the time in which the Civil War broke out between the Confederate Army and the Union Army due to an attack that took place in Fort Sumter after the Confederate soldiers besieged the Union soldiers. At the time, America was essentially divided between the northern states, known as the Union states, and the southern states, known as the Confederate states. In this particular case, Winslow Homer was from Massachusetts, a state belonging to the Union. Essentially, tensions flourished between the two divisions over differences in opinions in regards to doing away with slavery and allowing African Americans to be free, conflicts within the legislative branch, differences in state rights, trade laws, and many more underlying issues that at the time were not yet resolved. Ultimately, their disagreements in ideologies regarding equal rights between the African American slaves and the rest of society eventually concocted a war between the two armies to finally settle things once and for all. (The American Ideological War: The American Civil War…The Continuation of Politics by Other Means, par. 2)
Economy and Politics During the 19th century, the political views and economical values between the Confederate states and the Union states…

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