Culture And Motivation : A Successful Learning Experience Essay

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Culture and Motivation are Key to a Successful Learning Experience
Today’s culture is for students to sit, listen, and learn. While Edmundson and Freire indicate that there are valuable rewards in provoking students to critically think and analyze the materials provided, they say little about ways to keep students motivated. Further research indicates that motivation plays a significant part in keeping the interest and focus of students and teachers. Adjustments to educational culture are insignificant if strategies for increased motivation in the classrooms aren’t utilized.
When teachers find presentation methods for their material that students find relatable the results have a greater impact. If the material isn’t relatable, the words seem detached, alien, and motionless; leaving the students to be receptacles that the teacher “fills”. Interestingly enough, Freire (1993) states that, “The more completely he fills the receptacles, the better a teacher he is. The more meekly the receptacles permit themselves to be filled, the better students they are.” (Freire, 1993. para. 4) This indicates that teachers and students must adapt to the education’s culture that promotes this narrative teaching behavior to be successful. Edmundson clearly agrees with Freire’s statement regarding the current student-teacher relationship as being narrative, but takes it a step further. Edmundson (2015) indicates that the current educational culture doesn’t focus on recruiting students…

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