Culture And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Culture we all are familiar with as being about a group of people’s language, literature, or the way they interact with one another. When we take a look at culture through the eyes of sociologist we find that it contains the norms and beliefs that a group of people have. Chapter three really captures the idea that our culture is molded by our society full of fad trends and what we are shown via the television, in ads, movies, and magazines. In our daily life we can’t help but be captivated by all of those sources of media because they are readily available for us to view and that is what plays a big role shaping what the norms are of life.
The concept of culture inconsistency intrigued me the most especially when reading about how our society teaches “Beauty is only skin deep. Don’t judge a book by its cover. All that glitters is not gold” pg.59 to only then show characters in movies that are cacophonous to the eye with personalities as approachable as a shark and pretty girls that are as sweet as can be. This only teaches the quiet opposite because not every unattractive person is rude or mean and not every attractive person is nice. I think women get the most misrepresentation of this because its women that are mostly represented this way in media. Granted men are represented in a way that is different with the bad boy is good and the good guy is boring. This concept is shown in jobs, schools, and public places, where the most attractive person gets the job or main role…

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