Culture And Its Impact On Society Essay

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This weeks films and article incorporated for the second week of ANTH 310 was fairly distinguishable. It, to me was the focus of culture, but not in the traditional sense. It was about a multitude of things that culture does to society in a grand scale, the way how a person 's culture affects another’s in a positive or negative way once presented to the individual, and ultimately how these perceived ideals of each individual 's culture clash. We as a nation have to address every person 's culture especially in the U.S. considering the fact that we are a melting pot of races, migrated from all parts of the globe, but it still seems that we have this unabashed hatred or unwillingness to comply with another 's preference of lifestyle or philosophy. Which is weird considering the rapid growth of the minority. Sanjek (2000:672) has said, “by 2080 the proportion of whites will fall from its present 74% to 50%”. So if we are able to just set aside our own personal beliefs we can try to see the positive in this soon transition.
In Spike Lees 1989 Do The Right Thing, we have a story that revolves around the character Mookie, a young african american man who lives in New York City in the midst of a multicultural change and tension. He works with a family of Italians in a pizzeria, I emphasize that they are Italian because there is a very obvious prejudice that some of the family members have over the races that reside around the restaurant. The main issue that is presented in the…

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