Essay about Culture And Its Impact On Society

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Culture is a main factor that determines the action of an individual and also help other person of different particular group understand these systems of value, belief, artifacts and behavior. Which helps to embody, a society way of life culture can be identified as a language, multiculturalism social problems social institutions material and social values?
Language and culture are referred in book titled Introduction to the study of society as a “body of words and the system for their use of common to people of the same community or nation, the same geographical area or the cultural tradition” (p.70). Language is very vital in our society. It is the way in which individuals communicate which is important for the collaboration of student with a professor or in the workplace setting among employees and employer’s. Culture allow individual to disseminate knowledge of their history.
Material culture is a name used for what individual refer to what is in the mind and personalities of people. According to the Colander in the book titled Introduction to the study of society, material, products “is what they have learned from their social environment, attitude, belief, knowledge and ways of behavior, However, in every culture knowledge of how to produce and use a variety of material products including food, clothing, housings tools and machinery and work of art is important” (p.69). The types of clothes one wear or the food they eat in a reflection of an individual culture.

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