Culture And Its Effects On Society Essay

1740 Words Jun 20th, 2015 null Page
“Every society has the own cultural themes which have a substantial impacts on that culture does the business”. Culture plays an essential roles in one life, and that impacts almost every aspect of an individual life, who and what we do every day and how we make our decisions. Cultures has two important functions. Its helps people in making decision, how react in certain situations, the way we behave in public or with others and it also give themtheir identity, from where they belongs, the norm and values they follows. It also give people their solididentity of who they are, how they represent themselves in society. Culture also define the language we speak, the food, the religion, and also everyday life we lived.
Culture also had its own disadvantages, each culture is different than other and they have their own way of giving respect to people, treating them, greeting them, giving equal rights to other members of society, like women’s, in some culture women’s are not allow to talk publically in front of other men’s, but some culture its normal and important for women’s to talk and take part in decision with men’s. culture also challenge the our life style the way we eat like, in some culture it’s important to used and hand instead of spoon or fork, in some it is important to use right hand etc. And that is why learning and know about other countries culture is very important when doing business internationally, because not everything means same in all culture, if it is…

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