Culture And Its Effect On Society Essay

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When we think about society, we can talk about little groups of specific ideas that form a whole being. In this case, we are going to talk about culture and it effect in society. Sociologists indicate that the word culture involves many meanings that could be used in different fields where the human being operates. Sociologically, culture is also known as the characteristics that groups share; we can be able to understand similarities and differences within some groups by cultural aspects. It also involves the material and non material aspects which give us the privilege of differencing us from nature or biology. Actually, when we talk about culture we must refer to three main things: 1) A shared system of belies and knowledge (meaning and symbols), 2) a set of values (beliefs and practices), and 3) shared forms of communications. Whenever we are talking about culture, we must consider that it is something widely general, and the way as we interpret it in a particular society could be totally different in another one. Also, some cultural rites could be considered as forbidden or working as a violation of the pre determinate social rules; however, because it is completely relative, the way of how a society practice and behave in a certain way could be considered as a normal aspect of their own world and even a way to shape their own development (we can think about this on the example that the book provides us about the cockfights in Indonesia and it way of determining…

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