Culture And Culture In The Necklace, By Guy De Maupassant

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Register to read the introduction… When people read literature they read it from the perspective of their culture as well, so there can be multiple cultural perspectives in a single work of literature. When we read the story The Necklace meticulously we find that the story has a vigorous cultural background. The writer Guy de Maupassant has presented two classes of people – the middle class and the upper grade. There was a big gap between the two; for, the people of high class were enjoying all the luxuries of life, they had ball parties, relished by dancing, gossiping, and playing indoor games, and they wore fictitiously unauthentic jewelry. Nevertheless, they strived to show forth that they were wearing authentic and expensive jewelry. Madam Forestier’s fake diamond necklace proves this point; for, the upper class made a show of their costly dresses and were so blithe that they relished parties until the tardy at night. On the other hand, people of the middle class were suffering; desperately wanting to close the gap, but could not do so. The middle class suffered greatly and due to these sufferings, they lost resplendency and looked old. On the other hand, affluent people of the same age looked younger and more captivating. At the end of the story, we visually perceive that Mathilda’s affluent friend—of the same age—was still comely and alluring. Therefore, the writer has presented class differences through the satire presented within the story. The conversation between Mathilda and her friend at the cessation of the story throws light on the class …show more content…
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