Culture And Cultural Values Of Technical And Political Systems

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Culture, can be known as a social behaviour operated intuitively by an individual, one that is deeply embedded with the values of technical and political systems and are all together reinforced by beliefs and way of life (Hayton et al 2002). Culture is therefore a system that makes each society unique as it embodies the development of specific personality characteristics and can be the underlying motivational factor for each member in a society to immerse in behaviours not commonly practiced in other societies (Mueller and Thomas 2001). Culture, described by Hofstede means:
"The collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one human group from another and includes systems and values" (Hofstede, 1980, p.25)
There are a number of theories that explains as to why a certain country can exhibit and sustain greater ‘‘entrepreneurial culture’’ compared to others. From an individualistic perspective on culture, Davidsson (1995) categorises two general views on the relationship between entrepreneurial behaviour and cultural/societal values. Firstly, if a society is comprised of more individuals possessing entrepreneurial values, there will be more entrepreneurs. Secondly, the variance of entrepreneurial activity is subjected to differences in beliefs and values amongst potential entrepreneurs and the overall population. Verheul et al (2001) further explain that the conflict of values between the groups is ultimately what steers potential entrepreneurs away…

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