Essay on Culture and Business Climate in Germany

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Appointments with German Audience
Meetings in Germany are strict agendas with their starting and ending times. Be sure you are on time for all you appointments with the German audience, that’s because Germans pride themselves on being excellent planners. If you show up 30 minutes too early, this is seen by the Germans as you either having poor planning skills or you are disrespectful of their time either way this diminishes your chances of doing business with the Germans. Casually changing the time and place of an appointment is not appreciated. If you show up too late, you definitely won’t get a chance for a second meeting with that German audience.
The German society is highly fact
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German Way of Competition and Management Practices
It‘s good to keep in mind that the German way of competition is strict but not devastating. Although companies compete for the same general market, they generally seek market share rather than market domination. Instead of competing for price, German companies they engage in what German managers describe as “Leistungswettbewerb”, competition in quality and efficiency in their products.
Addressing Germans with Respect
Although calling someone by the first name is very common in United Stated, you never call a German boss by the first name unless first invited instead as Mr Schmidth or Herr Smidth. First names are usually reserved for family members, as well as friends and close colleagues.
Negotiations and Meetings with the German Business Audience
It is recommended to bring plenty of business cards. Includeing full title or position, and any university degrees you have earned or optionally professional organizations with which you are affiliated will give a nice impression since German businesspeople will want to learn as much about your background and qualifications as possible. Germans are very straightforward and direct, especially in the business environment so do not hesitate to ask any questions directly. This is part of their regular communication behavior for someone to openly ask for clarification. Even if it is an initial meeting, the German side will be well informed and prepared, and will

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