Culturally Competent Nursing Care Essay

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Culturally Competent Nursing Care
Denise Foss-Baker
Minnesota State University Moorhead

Culturally Competent Nursing Care The United States is a diverse accumulation of cultural backgrounds which can often set the stage for feelings of confusion, anger, mistrust, and a host of other emotions when dissimilar cultures disagree. Cultural competence in nursing can help eliminate these barriers and provide a platform for nursing to follow in the quest to understand a patient's culture and background. When a nurse takes the time to learn about a given culture prior to providing care, it conveys she respects the patient's right to their beliefs, customs, and culture. It does not necessarily mean the nurse agrees with their practices but
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The last area of the iceberg is motives. Motives are formed early in life and are the driving forces behind personal actions. The status of the areas depicted in the lower part of the iceberg model also determine what characteristics are present on the visible portion of the model (Buffalo, 2001).
Barriers to Healthcare
Communication is going to continue to be a huge barrier to healthcare for this family. They live in Texas which is very rich in Spanish culture and the Spanish language is common. Health care workers are often bilingual so this family should not have any trouble being understood when they go in for care in their home state. The general population of Texas has been exposed to the Hispanic culture and can relate to the beliefs and practices that are followed. However, this family migrates to Northern Minnesota, an area that is mostly comprised of white, non-Hispanic, English speaking people of European descent. From a transcultural nursing standpoint, nurses from the Northern areas of Minnesota may not even know they are lacking because the degree of interaction with the Hispanic population in the healthcare setting is minimal.
There will be language barriers, especially in the smaller, rural farming areas where the migrants tend to work. Many small rural hospitals do not have access to interpreters and it is common to have little to no

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