Cultural Values And The Conflicts Thereof Essay example

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The theme that I chose to focus on throughout this story was the cultural values and the conflicts thereof. There were a great number of moral values that were displayed by Rama throughout the tale. What I found more interesting were the grey areas in which his actions seemed to contradict those values.
These instances were accompanied with a quick explanation why his actions weren’t actually wrong. For instance, when Sugreeva enlists the help or Rama to deal with his brother Vali. Without any knowledge of Rama’s involvement in the squabble, Vali is mortally wounded when Rama fires an arrow into his chest. At first this seems to run counter to the values which have been displayed by Rama, but is later explained away as actually being a righteous act.
Vali himself was shocked by Rama’s involvement stating “Rama, the Lord of culture, breeding, discrimination, and justice. How could you do this? You have destroyed the firm basis of your own virtues. Is it because of the separation from your wife that you have lost all sense of fairness and act recklessly? If some demon like Ravana has acted treacherously, is that any justification for you to come here, slaughter the head of a monkey clan, entirely unconnected with the affair? Has your code of ethics taught you only this? What mistake have you seen in me, young man, that you should destroy me thus? Who will wear the badge of virtue in this world or others, when you have thrown it away so lightly?” (129) Rama then proceeds to…

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