Cultural Traditions, Health, And Religion Of The Dominican People

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European expansion had a dramatic impact on the cultural traditions, health, and religion of the Dominican people. The European countries had the expectations that their invasion should promote the European cultural tradition and this changed the structural characteristics such as religion and language for the Dominican Republic. Most Dominicans learned the personal language so that they could get the opportunity of economic mobility. Moreover, the Christian missionaries were much concerned with converting the indigenous people into Christians, who made the people practicing traditional religions reduce tremendously. Currently, over 95 percent of the population is Roman Catholic. Columbus and the missionaries introduced these Catholicism, and it has become a significant force that shapes the society.
The impact of European 's influence on the Dominican Republic 's culture
After the European invasion, there was organized public hospitals and clinics that provided health care services and the adoption of trade and industrialization which undermined the culture of Dominican republic. However, most people still consult the native dwellers such as voodoo practitioners, witch doctors, and herbalists since they find the move to be part of their culture. Infectious diseases and parasites are common in the country.
C. The Dominican Republic after European Invasion
How Dominicans organized a healthcare system
The health care system was not separated according to function but…

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