Cultural Theory Within The Paradigm And Beyond Essay

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Critics within the Paradigm and Beyond
I agree with Tomasselo to some extent that formulating such account attracted commentators from three different paradigms i.e. cultural psychology, cognitive ethnology, and developmental psychology and opened the horizon for further collaborative works between these paradigms. However, I believe what he calls paradigm can be categorized under a bigger category of the naturalistic versus non-naturalistic paradigm; the former is mainly founded on scientific and natural science methodology while the latter involves in more specified methodology for human sciences. I would divide the critics into two main groups: those within the paradigm that I am basically agreed with, and my own critiques beyond these discussions through which I would apply a phenomenological methodology in my critique and would explore the possibility to explain Tomasello 's cultural theory within a phenomenological approach which is a non-naturalistic, but scientific. I will briefly discuss the first group of critiques and would elaborate more on my point of view beyond the naturalistic paradigm.
a) Critiques within the paradigm
Studying the peer reviews, I mainly found the majority of disagreements on the methodological aspect rather than theoretical aspects of Tomasello 's account.
First, I would address arguments on his methodology. I will discuss deficiencies in provided data, the methodic error in comparative studies, the way he conceptualizes the variables,…

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