Cultural Sensitivity Essay

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Taher Merchant
Professor S.Adhikari
Assignment 1: Cultural Sensitivity in Business.

What is cultural sensitivity? Are you culturally sensitive? Health Corps defines cultural sensitivity as having the capacity and sensitivity to function effectively with people from different cultures. It means valuing and respecting differences and diversity and being sensitive to cultural differences. It helps us become more culturally sensitive to the community we are in, making us more culturally competent and aware, understanding that cultural sensitivity is a finite achievement. Cultural sensitivity is a set of skills that helps us learn about various kinds of people, cultures that
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The world’s inhabitants come from various cultures, beliefs, views. Everyone is different and thus conducting business from across borders requires cultural sensitivity, flexibility and creativity. (HealthCorps) . Quite a few organisations have now begun investing in staff aware of the different cultures, training them, making them learn the etiquette, mannerisms, protocols and communication styles so as to be successful in selling their commodities in the foreign markets.
Being culturally sensitive can help you while conducting business. Although people from different cultures conducting business together have the same goals, your sensitivity to their culture, and your approach towards them can cause a great difference. Language is obviously a barrier for people who conduct business from different cultures. It can cause problems when businesses try to sell products to people from different countries, as the slightest mistake while advertising this product can be misinterpreted by the host country. It is advised to advertise the product in the language of the host country. For example, pepsodent tried to sell toothpaste in South East Asia by stating that it helps whiten your teeth. They later found out that the locals chewed betel nuts to blacken their teeth as they found that attractive.
Poor translations can also prove to be disastrous. A product called Coors had a slogan, “Turnit loose, which when translated into Spanish, became “Suffer from

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