Essay on Cultural Sensitivity Of Professional Communication

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cultural sensitivity in professional communication
Since the attacks in Network and Washington, in September 2001,increased racial and religious animosity has left `Arabs, Muslims and middle Easterners fearful. Muslim women are at increased risk for discrimination (Pew Research Center,2011).A pew poll found 28% experienced discrimination while seeking health care.(Martin,2013).In particular,44% of the women in the study reported perceiving discrimination against them because of their dress. A majority of the Muslim American say it has become more difficult to be a Muslim in the United Sate since sep.11; Given this high risk nurses must work to counter such discrimination. A provider’ unconscious bias about a particular race or culture or his or her lack of effective cross-cultural communication skills ,may contribute to discordant medical care and health disparities..(Susan and Annie,2012,p.556).People having different cultural values should be respected and healthcare offered should be inclusive of patient’s cultural values whenever possible. Communication often presents the most significant problem in working with clients from diverse cultural background. To understand Muslim and Muslim culture the author choose an article on Modesty among Muslim women. Although there is much diversity within the culture, knowledge of the general baseline data relative to the specific group is an excellent starting point to interact and provide care inclusive of patient’s cultural values.…

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