Cultural Revitalization, The Medicine Wheel, And Two Eyed Seeing

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Indigenous people have their own ways of seeing, being, doing, and knowing in this world. According to Richard Spearman, “Kendaaswin is the Anishinaabe way of developing and disseminating knowledge” (Spearman, 2016). Anishnabe people have theorized that the two aspects of reality are physicality and spirituality. In Anishnabe knowledge there are seven aspects: spirit memory, original instructions, acquired knowledge, traditional knowledge, revealed knowledge, mother earth knowledge, and knowledge from observation (Spearman, 2016). In Health 111 I have learned that the Anishnabe concept of “All my Relations” is based on the belief and understanding that everyone and everything is alive and contains a spirit (Spearman, 2016).

In Health 111, under the topic of indigenous people’s ways of knowing there are four main points that I have learned about, which include: language revitalization, cultural revitalization, the medicine wheel, and two eyed seeing. The bringing in of residential schools caused a major fallback in Indigenous language and culture. Indigenous children were stripped from their cultural beliefs and their ways of knowing. They were forced to learn a new language and new ways of learning. It is important to Indigenous people to keep their language and culture alive. Due to the loss of culture and knowledge from the past, their philosophical systems, oral literacy, musical traditions, environmental knowledge systems, medical knowledge, and important cultural…

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