Cultural Research Application : Sweden Essay

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Cultural Research Application: Sweden

Sweden is located in Europe, sharing its borders with Finland and Norway. The country’s population is around 9.2 million, and capital is Stockholm with a population of around 1.2 million (). Sweden is known for it’s forward thinking views on equality and socialization over meals. In this essay I will be covering an over view of Swedish norms and laws regarding equality in parental leave and education, and the folkways in food culture.
Parental Leave A work-life balance is important in Sweden, and this balance ideal is huge factor in making it one of the world’s top gender equal countries. Ranking at number four in the 2014 Global Gender Gap report, which measures equality in economics, politics, education and health, it is safe to say equality of the sexes is a norm that is promoted and an important factor in the balance of home and work life. (asdf). This balance is encouraged through an extensive welfare system, creating many parent-friendly regulations.
Paid parent leave is permitted for 480 days when a child is born or adopted. This is available to be shared between parents and is able to be taken by the hour, day, week, or month. Though there are 480 days of leave to be shared, 90 days are distributed to one parent exclusively and cannot be transferred to the other. In addition to this, one parent a newly born child is given 10 extra days, 20 if it is twins. Adopted parents are given the same 480 days of leave, and…

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