Cultural Relativism And Religious Relativism Essay

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Imagine a place where people of all cultures managed to accept each others’ differences and live happily without any presence of discrimination. This could possibly come true if everyone was to apply the principle of cultural relativism to their everyday lives. Now, what is cultural relativism you ask? It is explained in many ways, but in my words I believe it is an idea or view where people learn to understand the ways of other cultures without judging, according to their own cultural views (26 Dec 2012).
It is often used in the fields of anthropology, because in these areas you are much likely to deal with a vast amount of cultures and traditions; therefore you are expected to be mentally prepared and have an open acceptance to things outside of your ordinary views. But it can still be used in the everyday lives of people around the world as many places in the world are culturally diverse. However there are doubts that could come with it. Like “If it was between life and death, would cultural relativism matter? Or “Is it really so great?” This brings me to my purpose of this essay, to evaluate some possible answers to this question using two topics of mine. I wouldn’t say they are topics that would evoke emotion but they are there and present in the world we live in right now.

The first idea I am bringing up is tattoos being present on employees in the workplace. The practice of tattoos has been a strong part of history in many cultural groups for many different…

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