Cultural Relativism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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There are countless cultures exist in the world, we were all raised to believe in different things and taught with different perspectives, even things that sometimes other cultures do not consider or even know that existed. Therefore, how can we judge someone’s characteristics sorely based on his actions? There are different moral codes in different cultures, even different traditions and different Gods. Cultural relativism lengthens this idea by presuming that whether a moral action is accepted differ from society to society, and different society follow different rules, thus all cultures are treated equally. One can argue that human sacrifice in Aztec civilization was accepted by within own society, just as we have turkeys for Thanksgiving in Christian cultures. Furthermore, in Islamic countries, places that women has no right to vote and are required to were robes that cover their entire body, is widely accepted in these areas. Nevertheless, in our society, women have equally right with men. Therefore, cultural relativism states that the basis of a society’s morality is originated from religions and traditions. Thus in this scenario regarding the decision of the family, with the idea of cultural relativism, my colleague and I would have to temporarily suspend our own beliefs and moral judgments based on our beliefs.
The situation here is rather complicated, my colleague and I are probably from different cultures; have different beliefs; and follow different moral codes.…

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