Cultural Relativism And Cultural Values Essays

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Cultural relativism indicates that what is thought right within one group may be utterly abhorrent to the members of another group, and vice versa. (55) Although, having the same moral codes as a set of rules is not realistic as people live different lives and what works for us will not necessarily work for them. To begin, the standards of cultural relativism will be defined. Next, the importance of differences in cultural morals which will be outlined by the presentation of the Cultural Differences Argument. To conclude, the similarities will be brought forth that remain between different cultures.
Cultural relativism suggests that “…there is no such independent standard; every standard is culture-bound.” (56), each culture having its own definition of right and wrong. If we assume that our ideas of right and wrong will be shared by all peoples at all times, we are merely naive (Ibid). Suggesting that it is impossible to have a universal standard. It says, in effect, that there is no such thing as universal truth in ethics; there are only the various cultural codes, and nothing more. Moreover, our own code has no special status; it is merely one among many (Ibid). With this to be said, does not mean that our own moral codes are of no importance. We rely on our moral codes within a culture to set the standards of right and wrong, which define the culture itself.
Cultural relativism must have a basis to exist, and for people to have the ability to distinguish the differences…

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