Cultural Psychology, Anthropology, And Social Psychology Essay

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I have always found psychology to be a fascinating subject in itself and unsurprisingly a great number of the specialties associated with it were of great interest to me. Among them, cultural, evolutionary, and social psychology were particularly appealing to me. However, it was cultural psychology that really stood out from the rest. Given that I aspire to someday be a cultural anthropologist, I can hardly say I found this to be surprising. It makes sense that applying the same cultural focus, that I have always had a strong interest in, to psychology would successfully appeal to me. Cultural psychology is a specialty that studies the affect culture can have on the way people think and behave, which is something cultural anthropologists study as well.

People intrigue me to no end, and I greatly enjoy learning about their cultures more than anything. I am drawn to their many complexities and the nuances of their day to day lives, be they past or present, that have come to define and influence them over time. Whether that be their values, social hierarchy, art, or what motivates them as a society, all of it, down to every last detail is extremely fascinating to me. I love the idea of learning about people who belong to cultures that I have never had contact with, or maybe never even heard of, and that is precisely what cultural psychologists do. They also seek to understand the way people of other cultures think and how they develop mentally. I admire the emphasis they…

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