Cultural Psychology And Cultural Research Essay

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As a research model, cultural-psychologist are more inclined to embrace qualitative methodologies. In contrast, cross-cultural studies emphasize positivistic value approaches. However, as a developing discipline, cultural psychology parades unsolidified characteristics and boundaries. The newness of the field presents certain challenges among researchers when attempting to clearly define the concepts, principles and practices within the field of study. As such, the theoretical approaches employed by cultural psychologist are abundant, and so too are the corresponding methodologies used to conduct research. According to Ratner (2008), “…cultural psychology consists of diverse theoretical perspective which utilize qualitative methods differently” (p. 259). The diverse array of theoretical and methodological approaches used in cultural psychology makes formulating a streamlined description entailing the function of qualitative methods problematical.
Even though, qualitative research methods hold a great deal of significance for culture-psychology, the plethora of form and potential use are a source of extensive debate. As a result, there exist considerable contention over the adeptness of qualitative research methods within the realm of cultural psychology. As Ratner (2008), explains “[t]here is debate over whether qualitative methodology is systematic objective procedures for elucidating the real psychology of people, or whether it is impressionistic construction of…

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