Cultural Practices Of The Bar Essay

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Over the course of the past few months, I have visited a “dive bar” in a strip mall residing in Santa Clara. On Mondays, from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM, I visited Woodham’s Sports Lounge (referred to by the patrons as Woodham’s) on their Open Mic night. During these observations, I specifically noted the behavior of those who reside in the bar. In my performance, I will be focusing on the comedians/patrons who repeatedly would take the stage every week.
There are three compelling cultural practices that I want to convey through about this community. The first is the insecurities, prejudices, and values that comedians feel comfortable talking about in their comedy sets. I’ve recorded plenty of direct quotes from the comedians that show a vulnerability, that many people aren’t exposed to while interacting with a person. One comedian who was Hispanic and/or Latino and in his fifties. This comedian discussed when he turned eighteen, his father gave him the keys to a truck and two hundred dollars to get a prostitute to “become a man”. This comedian focused on it jokingly, however, there was an underlying feeling of it being uneasy. Another comedian, a woman in her thirties, discussed how she discovered her father was dying. She followed the comment by saying, “Which is funny because I thought the bipolar alcoholism would end up doing him in”. Another comedian, a black woman in her thirties, discussed her suicide attempts. There are personal moments in these comedy sets that would be…

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