Essay on Cultural Politics And Its Influence On The Public Sphere

2003 Words Dec 21st, 2016 9 Pages
Cultural politics are conflicts that ensue from meaning, morals and values instead of actual public policies (Back et al. 2012). It has the ability to give authority, strength, and influence to political figures and those in power, over cultural matters such as funding programs that impact both individuals and communities as well as having the power to force rituals and ideals onto others. An example of how cultural politics, power and influence impacts the public sphere, as we discussed in our lecture, is implemented beliefs within education that politicians or people in power think are necessary. As we discussed in class, the government has cut a percentage, removed, or denied funding for artistic educational programs if the program was not influenced by, or connected and relevant to Christianity. Politicians, that use cultural politics as a tool, have the capability to control a system. If does not promote their beliefs, in this case of religion, they will remove it or influence its ability to continue. In connection to how cultural power is reinforced everyday I have observed that public school students are required every morning to recite the pledge of allegiance. This cultural ritual, (Back et al. 2012), through its words connects to promoting the “important” ideals of nationalism and god. As a result of cultural politics, figures in power and politicians use their cultural politics to control funding on what supports their beliefs, and create rituals and symbols that…

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