Essay about Cultural Memory Of The Holocaust

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Cultural Memory of the Holocaust
Lillie Taylor
LIB:316 Historical Context & Literature (BPC1504A)
Sherane Heron
February 23, 2015

This paper will examine and analyze the turning points in the construction of Jewish memory and the identity in Israel as influenced by and based on the events of the Holocaust. This subject is also important for Poland as a country to come to grips with the last decade of the 20th century when it entered onto the path of social dialogue and bilateral relations with Israel. Understanding each partner’s collective memory and identity and confronting it with our own mental images seems to be the only path of future dialogue. Study of memory and identity building in Israel can also help
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Hitler wrote a semi-autobiographical book Mein Kampf that highlighted his political ideologies and in this book he mentioned that as a young boy in Vienna, Austria when trying to enroll in a Academy of Fine Arts school his application was rejected because the academy did not want another landscape artist and he was convinced that the panel members who rejected his application were Jews and this was actually the time he first took hatred for the Jews and these feelings towards the Jews actually compounded and grew stronger after the First World War. Another theory is that his mother worked in the house of a Jewish family where the head of the family made her pregnant resulting in the birth of Hitler himself and the family paid off the mother to buy her silence and at that point Hitler’s mom was already married. On finding out he was the illegitimate son of a Jewish man and considering that his non biological father was harsh a disciplinarian towards him could have spurred the hatred for Jews even more but of course this is pure speculation and there is no evidence to support this theory which would be very interesting. In Europe the bad feelings of Anti-Semitic were always there and when Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles to end the first world war, and with Germany facing economic hardship they had to blame someone and they were humiliated by having to sign the treaty so the blame fell on the Jewish community because

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