Cultural Marxism Essay

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What a majority America doesn’t know and only a minority understand

Eight years of Obama and his background. As America prepares for elections, a summarised view of social chaos, where it came from, where it 's leading to, plus the best of informative links and videos.
America now has an unhealthy dose of cultural Marxism, disguised as equality, provided by an assortment of radicals and Marxists, posing as Democrats. Obama, Clinton and Sanders, respectively Marxist, progressive and Maoist. ' 'True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrate the system from within ' '. Alinsky, Saul David. Rules for Radicals. N.p.: Vintage, 1972. Print.
What is cultural Marxism?
Mistakenly, Marx
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The next generation of social justice warriors responsible for the mass graves of the 20th century, cheer on the same abstracts of equality, diversity and multiculturalism.
Remove patriotism and dilute culture by introducing mass immigration. This is Europe (discretionary viewing advised). Promote alternative religions and forms of belief (Obama). Destroy the family unit with homosexual and feminist agendas and create a dependency government culture based on welfare. Further, indoctrinate schoolchildren, provide political correctness to stifle free speech and dissent, and in only eight years of Obama, the next generation results are beginning to show.
The end result is progressivism
Communism was never anything other than a power grab by the elite, incorporating equality and utopia content as an inducement.
This is progressivism, this is European Union progressivism in action and this is how it 's achieved, previously producing a 20th century Europe resembling a graveyard. Progressivism and its reliance on creating a utopia based on eugenics and racial theories is where Hitler got many of his ideas. In today’s society, think 1% political elite, corporatism, international bankers and what looks like the beginnings of a police

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