Cultural Learning Environment Of The School Essay

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I spent my observation under the tutelage of my AP Calculus AB teacher from Ed W. Clark High School, Mrs. Arquette. I observed for two periods of block schedule for a total of 3 hours. It has been five years since I have been to the high school and in her classroom with students that I do not know. I will record the information about my observation in the topics below:
Cultural Learning Environment of the School The socio economic level of the majority of the students at the school is low to middle class. Clark High School is not a private school, but half zone half magnet. Students in the vicinity set to the high school and any student no matter the economic class is allowed in the magnet programs as long as they have the grades for them. The reputation of the principle and other leaders is fine; no negative news has been stated about Ed W. Clark High School, only positive things. The ethnic diversity of the school varies, but from what I have observed the majority of the students are either Latino-American or Asian-American. The overall appearance of the physical plant is fine. The message the decorations around the school connote is a message of growth and determination. The degree to which personnel at the school welcome visitors is warm, with open arms they assist any of the visitors needs and make sure they have an enjoyable and smooth experience at the school as possible.
Classroom Learning Environment In the classroom, the relationship between students is a…

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