cultural issues Essay

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Plays from African American, Latino-American, Asian American and European American cultures often deal with important and relevant issues pertinent to that culture but they also connect to all cultures in a universal way. Throughout history in America people of all races have been discriminated against. Immigrants have dealt with experiencing new ways of life and struggled with the tough decision of holding on to their culture or adapting to change.
A Raisin in the Sun is a play about an African American family living in Chicago in the sixties. The Younger’s are a family made up of a mother, her daughter and her son with his wife and son. The home they are renting is a small two bedroom apartment, the bathroom is across the hall and they
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The war had caused Los Angeles to swell with servicemen, most of the servicemen had no prior experience with Latinos and Latino culture. Because they were different from the servicemen their look was resented. Yet this was not what bored, restless young white servicemen saw when rubbing shoulders with strutting, brown-skinned "zoot suiters" in downtown Los Angeles. The following evening, around two hundred sailors in cabs headed into East Los Angeles. Their goal was to beat up and strip the clothing off any young Latino male they could find. For the next several nights, the sailors were joined by other military personnel from as far away as Las Vegas and local civilians. They took to the streets and invaded the barrio, bars and movie houses. Young Latino males were assaulted, humiliated and stripped of their clothing. Many of the young men were dressed in plain clothing. Although local police were present their orders were to not interfere. Shore patrol and military police would deal with military men. Los Angeles Mayor Fletcher Bowron down played the racial character of the incidents and blamed local Mexican youth gangs for inciting the riot.
Mi Familia" is a movie about a Mexican-American family in East Los Angeles. In the 1920's, Jose Sanchez (Jacob Vargas) made his migration from Mexico to Los

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