Cultural Issues And Strategies Counselors Essay

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This analysis of the video will cover cultural issues and strategies counselors use to identify multicultural issues, and how to use those strategies in a psychotherapy setting. It also discussed how this relates to the working psychotherapy relationship with the client and the professional. By the writer using her own reflections from the video, she will share how culture from her own life has shaped her own identity, how it has affected her values and belief systems and what does she appreciate about her own identity and or culture.
Understanding Cultural Differences The importance of observation and understanding of the client’s thoughts, actions, and feelings based on the cultural influences affecting their life cannot be understated. This is how a counselor can examine the cause and effect, or what is happening? Why is it happening? And where is the behavior or feelings coming from? Through this viewing the counselor can use several strategies to help the client become more aware of the influence or impact of the culture they are exposed to, or removed from in their lives.
Culture can play a big role in counseling or psychotherapy. As a counselor, you should possess multicultural skills and understand the different strategies use to help your clients. When clients are adjusting to a new cultural setting or when cultural world view is closely related to presenting concerns. It may be most helpful to focus on cultural issues in counseling. Cultural issues are…

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