Essay on Cultural Influences On Culture And Culture

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Culture awareness has a large influence on the personal culture and the culture intelligence of individuals. The more educated and aware of different cultures and influences the way in which individuals interact with each other. Most importantly being aware of the different cultures and the different beliefs of those who have come from a different cultural background prevents unnecessary conflict that can arise if people are uneducated on the cultures surrounding them. Being culturally aware if a skill useful to everyone – particularly those that work of live in a multicultural environment, like most people do these. Everyday people encounter someone from a culture that differs from theirs – sometimes there is a significant difference that can result in a miscommunication. The different aspects of cultural intelligence can have a long lasting effect on people of different genders, as while two members of opposite genders grew up in the same neighbourhood they may have grown up with different beliefs and experienced based on the culture that comes with respective gender.

Cultural awareness contributes in many ways to the cultural intelligence as it prevents the different types of conflicts that can arise – especially in a community as diverse and multicultural as Australia’s. Conflict can arise in communities that have a large number of people who have grown up/are growing up with a different cultural background (LeBaron, 2003). The negative effects of not being cultural…

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