Cultural Influences In Sociology

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Register to read the introduction… Two good examples of these learning experiences are learning social behavior and cultural influences. Social behavior studies the attitude change, conformity, leadership, morals, and other behaviors of people. This is usually studied with small groups of other people. They also examine results of conflicts between groups such as crime, movements, and war. Cultural influences give common base of communication and understanding. They focus on the way cultural influences regulates social behavior and the role it has in establishment of society's laws. "Cultural influences help unify a society and regulate it's social life (Sociology)." These two subjects barely scratch the surface of all the unique subjects to learn for becoming a sociologist. Another main learning subject that sociologists get to experience is population characteristics. Population characteristics determine social patterns of people in the same area. With this subject they study two different kinds of things; demography and human …show more content…
Social institutions are the organized relationships with people and perform specific functions with a society. These social institutions include business organizations, churches, governments, hospitals, and schools. Each institution has an effect on the specific society it is in. Social change on the other hand, deals with changes in social conditions and the patterns of actions and behavior in society. Social change are the things that caused changes in education, social values, settlement patterns in industrialized nations and the smaller changes like wars, inventions, fashions and activities (Sociology). Not many jobs get to study such unique topics such as these for their occupation requirements and that's what makes this job so interesting and

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