Cultural Influence on Companies Essay

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Culture has a major influence on international and local businesses. Firms today have to deal with the reality of cultural diversity not just on the international business scene but also within their organizations. Understanding this diversity and successfully interpreting it helps to realize and take advantage of the opportunities provided by globalization. Analyzing the cultures of triumphing companies and countries helps to compare, contrast and learn from their path to glory. Based on these facts, this research paper will study three different successful electronics companies from three different countries/cultures. These are Apple Inc. of USA, Samsung Electronics of South Korea and Sony Corporation of Japan. Apple and
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Its 2010 annual net income was over 15 billion USD. It has approximately 160,000 employees in 61 countries worldwide (Samsung, 2009). In 2009, Samsung Electronics became the world’s biggest technology by overtaking HP, in sales revenue. It is also the world’s largest Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) maker and second largest maker of Mobile phones with 227 million unit sold in 2009 (Financial Times, 2010). This evidently shows that Samsung Electronics is one of the most successful consumer electronics producing company with solid financial income, customer base and profits.
Korean Culture.
To understand and analyze the culture of such a big corporation it is important to understand South Korean Culture as a whole. Although Confucianism religion accounts for only 1% of South Korean population, the country’s society and culture is heavily influenced by Confucianism. The family is the most important part of Korean life, with the father as the head of the family and responsible for all family members. Family welfare is much more important than the needs of the individual . Relationships are more important than individualistic behaviors and hence mutual trust and respect play major roles in coexisting and working for success. ‘Kibun’ which is closely related to ones’ pride, face, mood, feelings, or state of mind is an essential concept in creating and maintain relationships. Maintaining a

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