Cultural Inclusiveness And Competency ( Talking About Practice

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Cultural inclusiveness and competency (“Talking about practice,” 2012, para.1) regarding immigrant students in Australian school environments, is a process often requiring wider community support and actions (QPASTT, 2014, p. 33). More than the extra efforts of staff, and budgeting are required of the school itself, particularly if the immigrants are refugees. A great deal of personal time and effort from school staff, working with the family of the student often in conjunction with community services is necessary to make a culturally competent transition. The primary focus of this essay is to delve into issues impacting immigrants, and refugee’s entering the Australian school systems. This learning journey will pursue definitive answers, regarding why cultural inclusivity of documented alien students, is as important as their integration into the Australian culture and school system, and why having no racism in a Primary School, or any obvious bigotry, means there is still room for improvement, before cultural competency (“Talking about practice,” 2012, para.1) can be said to have been achieved.

All children enter the school system with their own “virtual school bag” (Hedges. 2011), a metaphor for a wealth of prior knowledge they have garnered, through their before school educational experiences. When a multi-generational Australian child is preparing to move up from Kindergarten to Primary School, they will have several months of gentle transitioning, preparing them…

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