Effects Of JFK Assassination

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Since the death of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in the recent American history several events have now had traumatic impacts on the people of America. His assassination has fixed itself in the national consciousness forever. JFKs death was very much unexpected and very shocking. Subsequent investigations for the assassination and controversies resulted after these investigations. Warren commission which was the president’s commission to investigate the assassination of JFK, Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the United States House of Representatives select committee on assassinations all gave detailed public reports concerning the assassination, though the conclusions have remained to be the cause of endless
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The assassination of Kennedy was a very traumatic cultural disaster and social catastrophe for the United States. The death of Kennedy should also be viewed in the context that it happened in the period of cold war and brought about suspicion and fear that this death was connected to the Soviet Union. Before his death was announced, there was great confusion (Fetzer, 2013). This was because people were scared and wondered whether the shooting was a part of a larger attack against the United …show more content…
Kennedy greatly affected America. Theories of conspiracy and lack of faith in the government created tension across the country. Fear of further attacks, new political powers and distrust of the government were felt among American citizens for many years. Fifty-three years after the assassination, changes to Presidential security, the world of television, loyalty to the United States and the shaping of liberalism are still felt in today’s United States. References
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