Cultural Impact Of Travel Through Our Horizons Essay

1575 Words May 9th, 2015 null Page
Cultural Impact of Travel Travelling is a great way to expand our horizons. It exposes us to new cultures and customs, which in turn can shape our world view. It is fair to say that travelling makes us more cultured, but also, the experiences from each adventure adds to our cultural knowledge. It makes us more aware of our surrounding society, avoid basic stereotypes and really dig deep in cultural influences of each society and era. Who’s Irish and The Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator are two great pieces that represent the same points as mentioned before. Who’s Irish is a story that shows the conflict of two cultures. Cultural tolerance is very important in this day and age. As such, this story is the perfect piece to represent how better understanding of a new culture can help us appreciate the culture better. In the story, the Chinese grandmother is very reprimanding of the Irish culture. She feels that Irish people are too wild and do not have control. This can be understood from the lines “Sophie is three years old American age, but already I see her nice Chinese side swallowed up by her Wild Shea side.” The first salient point is that the grandmother never really gives the Irish culture a chance. She is very myopic in her views. This is not helped by the fact that her son-in-law and all his brothers are lazy. This casts a bad view of the Irish culture to the grandmother. This negative feeling is intensified by the fact that her daughter, Natalie, is under a…

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