Cultural Impact Of Globalization In Africa

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Register to read the introduction… He defined globalization as “a process of advancement and increase in interaction among the worlds Countries and peoples facilitated by progressive technological changes in locomotion, Communication, political and military power, knowledge and skills, as well as interfacing of Cultural values, systems and practices”. He noted that globalization is not a value-free, innocent, self-determining process. It is an international socio-politico-economic and cultural permeation process facilitated by policies of governments, private corporations, international agencies and civil society organizations. It essentially seeks to enhance and deploy economic, political, technological, ideological and military power and influence for competitive domination in the …show more content…
The adoption of this definition is in line with the aim of this report to examine the impact of globalization on Africa’s culture.

“Globalization can be seen as an evolution which is systematically restructuring interactive phases among nations by breaking down barriers in the areas of culture, commerce, communication and several other fields of endeavour”: Ohuabumwa (1999:20). It is also refers by Dr. A. C. Prabhakar (2003) as the transformation of national capitalism into a global capitalism. Furthering that optimists look into the possibility of a global village linked together by the internet and benefiting from ever-increasing material wealth for their well being.

With historical background in the year 1774 the great European imperial expansion were accelerating growth in the trade like sugar, tobacco and tea. There were new many parts in the world liberal order growing up to the global civil society, that lead to all global civil society were fighting for internationalization of the economy (Linden:

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