Cultural Identity Within The 20th Century Essay

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As W.E.B. DuBois predicted, color would still be a problem in the 20th century, however; now this self-hatred is a result of Colorism. Colorism is defined as the attitude among African Americans discriminating against other African Americans because of their skin complexion, for instance being too light or too dark. The form of separatism dates back to slavery and has been systematically passed through various elements of our culture. Colorism implies that lighter skin and straight hair are better, and successful men should marry women who fit their customary. Colorism plays a huge role in the low self-esteem of Black America, from individuals, relationships, and in society. Colorism exists as an intercultural form of racism (Rainey Lecture 2015). As cultural identity refers to one’s sense of belonging to a particular ethnic group, it is a companied by social and personal identities. Within the cultural identity exist the social and personal identities which are aspects of culture that make Colorism possible. Our text categorizes the creation of cultural identity within three stages of a process, which are unexamined cultural identity, cultural identity search and cultural identity achievement. As the stages are defined it is possible to identify the stage in which is incorporated.
During the unexamined stage one’s cultural characteristics are taken for granted and consequently, there is little interest in exploring their own cultural. For instance, the teenagers my not want…

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