Cultural Identity And Gender Identity Essay

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Day after day, one could walk around his or her neighborhood and greet passing neighbors with a familiar ease. However, all of these neighbors that one might see have personalities very unique from each other. Their cultures identities are all very different because of which country they originate from or something like the religion they practice. This idea of a cultural identity is what makes everyone who they are as an individual. Cultural identity could be portrayed in language, perspective, geographical location, socioeconomic status, ethnicity or family. Some of these traits may be some of the hardest to comprehend without a verbal explanation, but they can certainly alter one’s life tremendously. More than anything, cultural experiences from one’s past influence their identity. One’s ability to speak and communicate in more than one language may influence their ability to feel included in a community speaking their secondary language. One example of this cultural identity being influenced by language comes from Elise Trumbull and Maria Pacheco’s non-fictional text, What is Cultural Identity? “Social groups existing within one nation may share a common language and a broad cultural identity but have distinct ethnic identities associated with a different language and history” (Trumbull and Pacheco, 8). While every individual in a certain neighborhood may speak the same language when associating with one another, different social settings may have more unique results.…

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