Essay on Cultural Identity And Cultural Values

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When people hear the word “culture”, they automatically think of race and the cultural differences between whites, blacks, muslims and other ethnic groups. The real meaning of culture is the idea that a group of people takes part in common activity collectively. It is, simply, a way of thinking. As different groups have distinct ideas, it therefore creates separate cultures. One’s culture is defined by their beliefs, values, attitudes, concept of the universe or other personal decisions. Cultures come to people in a variety of ways. Some are forced upon a person from their family, grown into or are put on by a personal choice. To truly comprehend another’s culture, it is key to look at every aspect of it and how they ended up in there in their mind. Through this cultural identity analysis, I will dig into three cultures of my life. One I was born into, another I felt pressed to and lastly, one I chose to join under my own will. For a person to feel fully into a culture, they tend to need meaning to why they are in that culture. Obviously, we are not born wherever we want so people tend to either praise or blame God for where they live. Born in Canada, I have deposited different knowledge and understanding than some countries in the world. Coming to America, it is difficult for people to tell I’m from a different national culture, but when people hear me talk, they notice the accent instantly. This culture is not one that overly affects my life here in America as the way…

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