Cultural Expectations And Its Effects On Public Institutions Essay

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In today’s time it is a people have the freewill to express themselves based on their own personal values, no matter how colorful or offensive it is. The reason for this case is because it’s a first amendment right to express your beliefs, in spite of this there are some cultural expectations that limits people to express themselves in certain ways. For example, when someone spray paint on a federal public building the person can be place under arrest, even though they are expressing how they feel. In the same manner, when it comes to allowing transgender individuals to use restrooms that doesn’t accommodate to the other sex, it plays a problem for those who feel their privacy is being violated. A problem that could occur is the federal government forcefully pulling funding’s away from public institutions. This can be a problem due to the fact that it could add personal negative consequences to those who attend these institutions whether the person is a male, female, student, or faculty. Another concept is that certain groups try to compare things like gay marriage or segregation is the same and how it is a civil rights violation. Finally, there’s an idea that transsexuals should be claim as disability due to the fact that they have a gender identity problem. To add, it comes to a belief that you are who you are according to the actual genital that you are born with and by lowering the standards of the first amendment wouldn’t help resolve the issue that is occurring.…

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