Essay on Cultural Exodus : A Cause And Effect Phenomenon

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Cultural Exodus: A Cause and Effect Phenomenon
In history, through careful observation one can find certain ideas or events that have a cause and effect correlation with each other. In one scenario, someone’s death can set into motion a chain of events that will eventually create a world war; such is the case of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria causing World War I. Or, in another scenario, a life being spared in that world war can eventually lead to another world war; in this case, a wounded Adolf Hitler was spared by a british soldier in World War I, and later became the fascist dictator of Germany and started World War II. However distant they are, these types of relationships can be easy to find, given sufficient records of individual events. However, when looking at cultural movements, one can see these relationships manifest in a different way. Events or ideals related to one movement can not only affect, but can even birth the movement that comes to succeed it. This paper will explore exactly that: the idea of a “Cultural Exodus” as it applies to American literary and cultural movements.
Cultural Exodus is a new term, one I am using to describe this phenomenon which is so neglected, it didn’t even have a name. Cultural Exodus can be defined as the tendency for one group or movement to have beliefs or values that sharply contrast with those of the group or movement preceding it; as a result of events caused by those beliefs or values. The…

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