Essay on Cultural Diversity

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The United States has been a place for opportunity, wealth, and freedom since its European discovery in the fifteenth century. Since then, diversity within the nation has changed, evolved, and expanded into something truly unique and beyond stereotype. However, as much as our nation is known for its diversity, it is also known for opposition to diversity.
While the most noticeable racial and cultural exploitation has occurred through African-Americans, many groups have faced turmoil as a result of the color of the skin, the clothes they wear, the gods they pray to, or the sound of their voice. Native Americans were naturally the first group to face aggression from European settlers. Many travelers from the Old World to the New had a
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As a negative awareness of diversity endures, so does a positive awareness that we must as a nation reach a position of racial equality. Television ads, billboards, magazines, and countless other advertising tools are used every day to ensure that equality is a universally promoted value and must be strived for in order to quell any turmoil relating to the issue. As long as this encouragement continues, looking at the next fifty years seems a little less bleak. If eyes stay open to the issues at hand, the year 2050 will hopefully make the year 2012 look racially barbaric, and will be full of peace and acceptance of all cultures. However, patterns in our history show us quite clearly that when a new and different lot of people introduce themselves, they will not be welcomed warmly, or at least not at first. Latin-Americans have become just as much a part of the United States as, well, Americans. Despite this rather noticeable fact, the worn-out grumbles of “They took our jobs” and “send them back to their country” echo more resolutely than they were murmured. Since this has been such a hot debate for some time now, perhaps by the year 2050 we will have seen an end to this phase of racial animosity and see it as nothing more than a thing of the past. In order to reach a place where we can truly say we have all overcome diversity,

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