Essay about Cultural Diversity and Education

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October 2, 2015
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Cultural Diversity and Education The American classroom can at times contain many different cultural diversities and backgrounds. Students from different states or countries offer the classroom a cultural masterpiece that is designed to somehow work and at times this can be an accomplishment. A world of separation exists that can cause a series of emotions especially in regards to a student’s cultural background or race. Everyone is placed in a way by our race and the cultures we represent. Educators must be aware of this and their own position in the classroom in order to create relationships with their students in a teaching and learning manner. Race matters in everyday life. It
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The era we live in today judges based on cultural differences and where a person comes from and their background. Based on those things they are either offered or denied healthcare, food, and even a place to sleep at times. We must begin to make efforts to not allow these differences to keep our students from receiving proper education and learning.


Cultural Identity Interview
When did your ancestors come here?
My Scottish Ancestors arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in the 1600's.
I really don't know when my Native American Ancestors arrived, but would expect that it was sometime before the last Ice Age ended.

What process did they take to make the journey?

What do you consider to be your culture?
I am an American, so I would have to say that the American Culture is what I identify with the most. My Scotch/Irish/Cherokee "cultures" have melded together with the other immigrant cultures to create the American culture. I believe that I have adopted certain aspects of the other immigrant cultures that make up the American Culture into my life.

When did you first become aware of your culture?
I honestly don't remember not being aware of my culture. I would say that when I was 10 years old, in 1976, that I became more aware of what the American Culture means to me. That was our Bicentennial year and it seemed that America and what she stands for became more real to me.

What do

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