Cultural Diversity Within The United States Essay

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Due to increasing rate of cultural diversity in the United States, nurses in the healthcare sector must have a vast knowledge of different major cultures in the country. Transcultural nursing is advocated in many industrialized nations especially in the US where nearly every culture in the world is represented. Unlike decades ago, movement across countries and continents is much easier today. At the same time, poverty and disruptions of economic power caused by oppressive political governments, wars, terrorism, ethnic conflicts, and natural situations around the world have resulted in mass migration to the United States and other developed countries (Papadopoulos, 2006). There is a strong interaction between culture and health beliefs and practices (Papadopoulos, 2006). Therefore, nurses must be efficient and culturally competent to provide the best care in a culturally diverse society, such as United States.
Papadopoulos (2006 p. 10) defined culture as “the shared way of life of a group of people that includes beliefs, values, ideas, language, communication, norms and visibly expressed forms such as customs, art, music, clothing, and etiquette.” In the literature, there are different definitions or interpretations of transcultural nursing. However, the definition by Leininger in 1995 encompasses all the necessary information to know in a culturally sensitive population. Transcultural nursing is interpreted as “a formal area of study and practice focused on comparative…

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