Cultural Diversity Within The Classroom Essay

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Cultural diversity in schools
In history, diversity was not acknowledged as a necessary element of education. In prior years, the United States has been contemplating as a country whose people were generally of two races, black and white. The reality is that America is a nation where citizens come from all nations of the world, and practice every recognized religion. It’s essential to include diversity in the classroom because our society has become so cultural diverse. While many people assume diversity to be a mixture of different races, there are in fact many different classifications of diversity, all having importance inside a classroom. Some form of diversity includes county of origin, ethnicity, special languages spoken, religion, and sometime gender gender. It’s significant as an instructor not only to teach cultural diversity but also learn from it.
There are countless diverse definitions for Cultural Diversity however they basically all indicate the same thing being different Cultural diversity is the structure of a range of social structures, principle systems and approach that other cultures use to settle in to life circumstances in all parts of the world. In other words, “When we use the word diversity today, we usually mean racial integration” (Brooks 56). We can state that cultural diversity is the cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, and gender in a group or institution. Cultural diversity is everywhere in the United States.
If we as humans look at any social…

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