Cultural Diversity Within Our Society Essay

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“With increasing cultural diversity within our society, nursing students often find the challenge of engaging with a client who appears different and holds different cultural beliefs to be overwhelming.” (Seckman, 2013.) The literature agrees and acknowledges the need for cultural competence among nurses in order to provide safe, quality care to patients. Authors in all the articles acknowledge the fact that the population is becoming increasingly more diverse necessitating a need for students that are educated in cultural competence. Without the training, education and experience, students and new nurses feel as though barriers exist making them feel inadequate and provide a lower quality of care. The issue of cultural competence in nurses causes certain legal and ethical implications. The authors do not directly address these implications but discuss the issues of patient safety and quality of care provided to the patient. Lack of cultural competence can compromise patient safety and potentially cause harm due to barriers, such as misunderstood communication or language. (McClimens, 2014) “Students become concerned on whether a right or wrong way exists to care for culturally diverse patients which can inhibit interactions.” (McClimens, 2014) Placing the safety of the patient at risk or not providing the level of care that the nurse is capable of is an ethical violation. Another legal implication which could arise from a language gap or miscommunication would be…

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