Essay on Cultural Diversity : Cultural, Generalities, And Uniqueness

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As we are becoming a more diverse culture it is vital that society as a whole become more educated on cultural competency. In the study of anthropology we have learned more about cultural universal, generalities, and uniqueness’s (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2012). As cultures become more integrated in our society, it becomes increasing important that we embrace our differences. Going forward, we will discuss several different models of cultural diversity.
Assimilation refers to the merging of minority cultural groups and their customs within a society that reflects a single common culture. Culture accommodation is based on understanding of the culture and respecting those cultural traditions as long as they will not do harm to the patient. Allowing a patient from a Jamaican culture to keep a bottle of salt at his or her bedside because they believe it will keep demons and spirits away does not harm anyone and it demonstrates cultural accommodation (Carteret, M. Ed., 2005). Assimilation often requires immigrants to adapt to the environment of the society they emigrated to. Often the adaptation is through linguistic. As health care professionals, cultural competence is an important job function in order to meet the needs of the diverse cultures we interact with each day. The use of translators is on the rise for patients who immigrated to the United States and chose not to fully assimilate to the English language. Some refer to the phrase melting pot as a synonym to…

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