Cultural Diversity : Cultural And Ethnic Differences Essay

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Discuss Ways in Which You Have Learned To Appreciate Cultural and Ethnic Differences As a Filipino-American, the topic of cultural diversity strikes too close to home. I am a first generation Filipino, and I cannot deny that despite the number of years in this country, cultural integration is still light years away. To live in a culturally diverse society is a challenge at all levels of human existence, both for the “foreign-born” and those of the dominant culture. As a nurse, I’ve learned to appreciate my circumstance as a foreign-born because it made me become sensitive and develop an attitude of openness towards others who are also from different cultures (Star & Wallace, 2009). However, cultural sensitivity is just the first step towards the development of a culturally appropriate and competent care. The gerontological nurses must strive to achieve knowledge and skills all the way towards cultural proficiency. As Touhy and Jrett (2016) aptly cited “In order to provide the best care to all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, or culture, it is expected that the nurse not only demonstrate cultural competence but also strive for cultural proficiency” (Touhy & Jett, 2016, p. 47). In addition, Touhy and Jett (2016) also discussed that the challenge of providing cross-cultural care is magnified with the added age-factor of the older population “The diversity of the population has brought the strong potential for a clash of health systems, languages, and attitudes about…

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